CHE Uganda

Community Health Empowerment: Wholistic Development Training and Ministry

Expected Outcomes and Goals

high efficiency stoveExpected Outcomes

The expected outcome is vibrant discples who bbecome pillars of the Church who will reach out into their communities with the love of Christ. We are committed to an integrated ministry that addresses the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of the people with the expected results being transofmraiton of individuals, congregations and communities.

The Goals of the CHE Ministry

  1. To assist in equpping and strengthening the local Church: Matthew 28:10, 25:43-40
  2. The prevension of common diseases
  3. The promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  4. Engaging in Christian discipleship that leads to an abundant live in Christ
  5. To reproduce Spirit-filled Trainers, Committee Members and Community Health Educators (CHEs) who will in turn disciple others.


Community Health Empowerment

P.O. Box 14123
Kampala, Uganda