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Community Health Empowerment: Wholistic Development Training and Ministry

How CHE Works


Our Approach and Strategy

The integration of the physical and spiritual is a key distinctive and non-negotiable strategy of the CHE ministry.  This integration of the spiritual and physical outreach is a way of thinking which must be constantly reinforced.

The Training of Trainers

CHE begins with the Training of Trainers (TOT), a process done in four phases:

tot-pic-man-300Phase 1: TOT 1

Phase 1 focusses on development philosophy, community, wholsitic health, ownership and an overview of a CHE ministry.

Spiritually, the emphasis is on evangelism and prayer. Objective setting and "step" planning lessons prepare every trainee to write two objectives that are to be implmenented before TOT 2.

Phase 2: TOT 2

The second phase focusses on principles and methods of adult education, developing culturally appropiate lesson plans and materials.

Spiritually, the emphasis is on follow up, Bible study, and intercessory prayer.

The trainees objectives are evaluated and revised or new ones made be be worked on before TOT 3.

Phase 3: TOT 3

The third phase of the CHE training of trainers focuses on starting the ministry and include practice facilitation from the Committee dn CHE training manuals.

Spiritually the empahsis is on discipleship, intercession, spiritual warfare, and healing and deliverance ministries.

Phase 4: TOT 4

The final phase of the training of trainers focuses on evaluation, Christian leadership and team building. Spiritually the empasis is on discipleship, mentoring and building on Biblical priorities.


Each trainee reads the book, "Let's Build Our Lives."  Other exercises include baseline survey work, mapping and implementing their objectives.


Community Health Empowerment

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