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Community Health Empowerment: Wholistic Development Training and Ministry

CHE Training

che tot technical workshopTraining of Trainers

The CHE ministry begins with the development of training teams.  These training teams and trained in a series of four "Training of Trainers" workshops (TOTs) to enable them to understand the foundations of wholistic development and to begin and develop a CHE ministry in various areas.

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Committee Training

Local commtitee members need to know and understnad their role as well as what the CHE volunteer does. In the training, the concepts of CHE are shared.

The initial training for committee members is 18 hours (spread over several weeks) with continuing leadership training.

They also attend the CHE training sessions.

training of trainers CHE Training

The CHEs are trained in physical and spiritual topics that enable them to help their neighboours identify problems, find solutions and implement strategies.

The training for Committee Members and CHEs is ongoing.

Training sessions are held 2 half days a week. Physical lessons are determined by the specific needs in the given community.

Spiritually they are given a lear understnading of how to establish a personal and growing relationship with Christ.

Also they become involved in prayer, Bible Study, and as lead by the Spirit into the healing and deliverance ministry.


Community Health Empowerment

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