CHE Uganda

Community Health Empowerment: Wholistic Development Training and Ministry

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

teaching in the villageOur Vision

The vision of the CHE ministry is to see the Church built up in faith, purupse, zeal and mission for our Lord Jesus Christ so that its members are equipped to reach out with the Gospel of Christ though a whole person ministry of love and compassion to the community.

Our Mission

The mission is to train, disciple and mentor Church leaders and members to be equipped to lead people into the experience of salvation, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, Christian growth and involvement in community development

Biblical Basis

che pastors groupWe are commanded in Luke 10:27 to love God and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If we will truly be concerned about the welfare of others, our concern must be for both the physical and the spiritual. As we partner with God in His purpose for the Church we will be enabled to bring people to commitment  to Christ and help many to live abundant and meaningful lives.

Jesus made an astonishing statement in Matthew 25:34-40.  He decalared that if we assist, care for, have compassion and love for those in need, then we are doing those things to Him. We are called to serve all people.

The Great Commisssion in Matthew 28:18-20 commands us to go and win people to Christ and to teach and train them to become active disciples. We do this in the Name of Jesus under His authority through the enabling work of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus ministered to the whole person. He healed the sick and preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. This involves both physical and spiritual ministry. if we follow Jesus' example, one person can minister in boty physical and spiritual ways.

childOur Core Values

  1. Foundation of prayer and intercession
  2. Integration of Physical and Spiritual Ministries
  3. Prevention of disease and promotion of godo health
  4. Multiplication through training: 2 Timothy 2:2
  5. Community Ownership
  6. Home visiting bye CHE's
  7. Commitment to mentoring and discipling
  8. Sustainability
  9. Volunteerism
  10. Participalar learning using the LePSAS method
  11. Equipping Others
  12. Inward Change and transformation through a deepeing relationship with Jesus Christ


Community Health Empowerment

P.O. Box 14123
Kampala, Uganda