CHE Uganda

Community Health Empowerment: Wholistic Development Training and Ministry

What is CHE?


CHE means "Community Health Empowerment."

It is a church initiated, wholistic development ministry that trains and equips local volunteers called CHEs (Community Health Educators) to share God's love in their communities by bringing physical and spiritual teaching to the homes around them.

The Value of Church Initiated Wholistic Development

There are a number of advantages to church initiated development over the NGO model:

  • It enhances the ministry of the local church and the communitysees the local church as caring and compassionate
  • Volunteerism is more likely to be sustained
  • Unity between denominations i enhanced
  • Being based on the foundation of prayer, the faith of believers is strengthened
  • It is a lifestyle that leads to ministry.  It is not a project or a programme.
  • It is a valid way to equip believers in the work of ministry and becomes an integral part of pastoral ministry.
  • Bible study cell groups, prayer groups and intercessory prayer groups strengthen the local churches
  • Planting new churches can be an outcome


Community Health Empowerment

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